The International Forum Creative Ukraine from October 19-20 in Kiev was a big first mover for framing policies and markets for the cultural and creative entrepreneurs in the Ukraine – and the European Creative Business Network (ECBN), Rotterdam, is proud to have been part of this movement.

“The forum is aimed to promote and enforce the perception of culture and creativity as drivers for growth and sustainable development. The event is also purposed to contribute to the promotion of inter-ministerial & public-private cooperation on elaboration of public policies and the establishment of strategic alliances supporting and promoting CCIs development locally, nationally and internationally.“ More about Forum Creative Ukraine

Ukraine Minister of Culture, Y. Nyschuk, spoke at the opening and pointed out: “In time of transformation ‘culture’ is essential for inclusive development.“

Michal Hladky, Director CIKE

Michal Hladky, Director Creative Industry Kosice and Co-Chair of the European Creative Business Network:

“Ukraine made great step towards the cultural and creative industries and its networks in Europe. The International Forum Creative Ukraine hosted top speakers and experts. We had the opportunity to present ECBN as vital part of EU creative environment.“

Prof. Pier Luigi Sacco, special advisor to Commissioner Tibor Navracsics at the European Commission during the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 and ECBN-Member, introduced the audience to his view of the global culture development: the cultural geography is changing dramatically – with Culture 1.0 having been the domain of Europe, Culture 2.0 of the United Stated and for the near future we are heading Far East with Culture 3.0.
More about Culture 3.0.

Sacco summarizes his keynote: „If you want to go for real innovation in CCIs start from problems, not fromoutcomes and look at culture-led social innovation as your Research & Development investments.”



The European Creative Business Network contributed to the Forum Creative Ukraine with its expertise in internationalization – especially from the EYE-funded programme EXCITE under the lead of Creative Industry Kosice. Download Presentation.


You find the archive of the Online Stream of the Forum here: 
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